The Procedural Law Unit at UNic was established in 2019 with the aim of providing scientific research on procedural law and on private and public dispute resolution mechanisms as well as criminal law (civil, criminal and administrative procedural law). The activities of the Unit include academic research, the preparation of expert reports, the organisation of conferences, seminars, lectures, conferences, discussions as well as trainings of informative and interventional nature in the area of the administration of justice in Cyprus, in legal traditions directly or indirectly related to Cypriot law such as Greek law, European law, and international law. In this context, the Unit’s research profile crosses the boundaries of Cypriot law as it is interested in developments on procedural law in both national and international level. The Unit may also cooperate with other research centres in Cyprus, in Europe and internationally.

The first Symposium was organised in 2021 with the general subject “The Cypriot Civil Justice: Suggestions and Actions”. It attracted great interest and participation by personalities of the executive and legislative authorities. More information here:


The second Symposium was organised in December 2022, in memory of Professor Konstantinos Kerameus, with the general subject European Civil Procedure After Brexit: delays and need to speed-up, technology in justice and ADR”. The Symposium aimed to build on the previous year’s efforts and hopefully attract even greater interest and attention from all stakeholders in Cyprus and abroad. More information here: