Just Look Up! “We are not prepared, but if we collaborate, we can achieve many things”

As part of the information campaign about the European Climate Pact, non-governmental organization Oxygono, as the Country Coordinator for the Pact in Cyprus, hosted on 2 August an open discussion on climate change and the actions that can be undertaken through the Count Us In platform.

The interesting discussion was moderated by Vlatka Katusic Cuentas, one of the Ambassadors of the European Climate Pact for Cyprus, who is a researcher at the Circular Economy Research Center in Paris and Special Researcher in the Circular Economy Sector of the Circular Economy Alliance Limited based in Cyprus.

Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and third-country nationals who participated in the discussion initially shared their feelings about climate change based on the Netflix film Don't Look Up! which was the inspiration for the open discussion. The discussion then focused on the role of the media and social media, how climate information can be conveyed even to uninformed citizens, and how the constant "bombardment" of negative information about climate and climate change can lead to indifference.

Participants also shared the actions they are taking to manage climate change at the individual level, such as using solar panels, reusing clothes and textiles, and lobbying politicians. It was also highlighted that in a small country like Cyprus, it is easier to take actions at the national level than at the local level.

A clear message as expressed by both the moderator and participants is that "We may not be prepared right now, but if we collaborate, we can achieve many things" and that "Change begins from within."