In the link below, you will find the audited accounts for 2019, 2020 and 2021. 

Funding & Budget

Since the day it was registered and in order to fund its projects, Oxygono is applying for a variety of grants mostly related to EU programmes and the National Youth Board, and receiving donations to maintain its activities and have a sustainable future as an independent, non-governmental organisation.

The flagship project of Oxygono is the Cyprus Forum (including Cyprus Forum Cities), currently the largest policy making conference in Cyprus. It is run through the soon to be registered as a social enterprise, Zenox Policy Innovations, and funded by donations, grants and sponsorships by think tanks, research centres, municipalities and companies. The other large project that has been established and implemented by Oxygono is Nomoplatform, which is a legislative observatory that monitors the processes carried out within the Cypriot Parliament. Nomoplatform is funded by grants and donations by a number of organisations which receive in exchange an exclusive newsletter regarding the progress in parliamentary committees.

The main EU projects that Oxygono runs are the following:

  1. Erasmus+; Oxygono also runs projects on youth and education through Youth Board of Cyprus, which is the National Agency of Erasmus+ Youth Programme.
  2. The European Solidarity Corps, is a new EU initiative which creates opportunities for young people aged 18-30 to volunteer on projects in their own country or abroad, in aid of communities and people all over Europe. Oxygono applies for this programme and runs various projects since 2020.

In order to ensure the presence of transparency and reliability in financing our events and activities, Oxygono complies with the following principles:

    1. Oxygono explicitly identifies, acknowledges and communicates its partners and collaborators who financially support its events and activities;
    2. Oxygono does not take political sides or follow any government mandate, but rather aims to provide citizens an unbiased place for debate;
    3. Oxygono is solely engaged in working with organisations, entities and bodies that operate in alignment with its vision, mission and values;
    4. Oxygono publishes and disseminates reports on the results of its large-scale activities in order to ensure outreach and access to the results achieved and their positive impact on the policy-making process in Cyprus and beyond.

Gender Equality Plan

Below you can find OxygonoGender Equality Plan