What is Oxygono?

Oxygono is a non-governmental non-profit organization established in 2014 and is headquartered in Cyprus, consisting of individuals from a range of backgrounds including academics, social, political, and professional sectors. It is an independent organization, which is governed by a five-member Board of Directors and its actions are determined by a ten-member Executive Committee. It aims to improve the quality of public debate in Cyprus and consequently the achievement of reforms and modernization of our country to improve the quality of life of citizens in all aspects of public life - such as health, economy, education, justice, and foreign policy, research and entrepreneurship.

The Organization does not express a specific view. It operates as a forum to host discussions on a variety of matters, where more than one perspective may be correct. The participants of the discussions will include active citizens between experts and decision-makers, so as to bring together all of the key-players on an issue. The discussions will be followed-up with a conclusion of the debates as a practice of positive pressure on decision-making centers. These strategies aim to include all the leading figures, including officials, technocrats, entrepreneurs, academics, scientists, activists, and enterprises’ executives to subsequently contribute to achieving the necessary changes, taking into account all the rational concerns expressed. This process begins with both citizens who want to see several changes, and with politicians who want to make reforms. For this reason Oxygono needs the support of Cyprus’ communities.

Oxygono does not belong to anyone but at the same time, it belongs to everyone. The idea and vision of Oxygono are above each individual that constitutes it. The principal forms of Oxygono events are debate-type and informal conversations which will include selected participants based on specific criteria and will be conducted with particular regulations. The regulations ensure the speakers’ mutual respect, the quality of dialogue, and the discussion’s time limits. Oxygono aspires to establish permanent institutions in the Cypriot public debate such as the “State of the Republic”, hosted by the current President of the Republic of Cyprus (equivalent of the State of the Union in the US and EU), the series of discussion “Can a man change the mentality of a people?”, the Ideas2Parliament series in collaboration with the House of Representatives, the 2040 series where local discussions take place to create a long-term plan for each city and the Cyprus Forum which culminates in the events of the year which usually take place from September until June.

Oxygono works closely with the University of Cyprus, the Youth Board of Cyprus, the Cyprus Youth Council and a myriad of other organizations, companies and media, without losing its independence. Also, other organizations can hold events with the contributions (Powered by events). Oxygono aspires to develop into a large organization for the scientificalization of politics and the transmission of a culture of political ethics and integrity and to introduce Cyprus to collective progress with collective growth (inclusive growth).